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With the rapid development of next generation sequencing technology, the amount of biological sequence data of the cancer genome increases exponentially, which calls for efficient and effective algorithms that may identify patterns hidden underneath the raw data that may distinguish cancer Achilles' heels. From a signal processing point of view, biological(More)
Short stature is a characteristic feature of pycnodysostosis. We report defective growth hormone secretion in response to provocation and low insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) concentration in five out of six patients with pycnodysostosis. Physiological replacement with growth hormone increased IGF-I concentration and improved linear growth in these(More)
Driver mutations propel oncogenesis and occur much less frequently than passenger mutations. The need for automatic and accurate identification of driver mutations has increased dramatically with the exponential growth of mutation data. Current computational solutions to identify driver mutations rely on sequence homology. Here we construct a machine(More)
In this paper we propose a method for synthesis of combinational networks using non conventional logic gates. The logic components considered are Stochastic Logic Gates (SLGs) able to change their logic functionality by means of a single control parameter and the environmental level of noise. SLGs are able to adapt their computed logic function depending on(More)
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