Ahmed Shawky Moussa

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BACKGROUND Helping trainees develop appropriate clinical reasoning abilities is a challenging goal in an environment where clinical situations are marked by high levels of complexity and unpredictability. The benefit of simulation-based education to assess clinical reasoning skills has rarely been reported. More specifically, it is unclear if clinical(More)
BACKGROUND The acceptability of simulated death has been debated by experts, but there is scarce information regarding trainees' perspective. METHODS Trainees in a large pediatric program were invited to perform mock codes, including pre and post questionnaires. Participants were exposed to 2 mock codes of neonates born pulseless. In the RESUSC scenario,(More)
Visual Mining is typically concerned with the visualization of data and its representation to facilitate the mining aiming at extracting interesting and hidden information. It can also mean the visualization of the results of the mining process with the purpose of deepening the understanding of such results and maximizing its exploitation. However, in(More)
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