Ahmed Serdaroğlu

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In this paper, a new method based on the use of wavelet transformation prior to independent component analysis for solving the problem of defect detection in textile fabric images is presented. Different sub-bands of the wavelet packet tree scheme of the defect-free sub-windows are obtained and independent components of these subbands are calculated as the(More)
In this work, a new model that combines the concepts of wavelet transformation and subspace analysis tools, Subspace Analysis, is developed for the purpose of defect detection in textile images. In previous works, it has been shown that reduction of the textural components of the textile image by preprocessing has increased the performance of the system.(More)
In this work, we propose a method to reconstruct spatially resolved pharmacokinetic rate images of fluorescence agents directly from the boundary photon flux measurements. We use a compartmental modeling scheme to model the pharmacokinetics of fluorescence agents. We coupled this model with the fluorescence diffuse optical tomography (FDOT) forward model to(More)
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