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With the growing usage of mobile video applications and Internet based video services; techniques and algorithms of the current video compression standards face new challenging demands for lower bit-rate and faster processing speed. H.264/AVC video compression standard is widely used and provides state of the art video compression solution, but still needs(More)
INTRODUCTION Lung abscess is a localized area of non tuberculosis suppurative necrosis of the parenchyma lung, resulting in formation of a cavity containing purulent material. This pathology is uncommon in childhood. CASE REPORT A 3-year-6 month-old boy was admitted with prolonged fever and dyspnea. Chest X-ray showed a non systemized, well limited, thick(More)
The limited capabilities of Internet of Things (IoT) devices make real-time video streaming a major challenge. Video encoding and transmission are computationally intensive processes. Applications; like urban surveillance and health care monitoring, require real-time high definition video streams. Current video encoders are not designed to meet these(More)
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