Ahmed Salah El-Din Mohamed

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Literature on conflict has largely overlooked migrants' remittances, and literature on migrant's remittances has largely avoided conflict settings. Using a micro-level approach, this paper explores how remittances have affected households coping with conflict and fragility in the Somali city of Hargeisa. Drawing on survey and ethnographic evidence, the(More)
Learning L2/FL in the outside world or in societies where the language is in actual use can be more meaningful, as compared to learning it inside the classroom. Most of the time learners are not able to develop much functional ability, as a result of limited opportunity to use the L2/FL in the classrooms. However, research shows that one of the things that(More)
Degree Year Name of Author \A o y^V / \ v COPYRIGHT This is a thesis accepted for a Higher Degree of the University of London. It is an unpublished typescript and the copyright is held by the author. All persons consulting the thesis must read and abide by the Copyright Declaration below. COPYRIGHT DECLARATION I recognise that the copyright of the(More)
INTRODUCTION Hospital systems are adopting strict nicotine-free policies excluding hiring individuals who smoke, including residents for graduate medical training. This study was conducted to (1) determine medical schools' awareness of these policies, (2) awareness of their students' smoking behaviors, and (3) the smoking cessation programs that they(More)
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