Ahmed S. Mohamed

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UPC is an explicit parallel extension of ANSI C, which has been gaining rising attention from vendors and users. In this work, we consider the low-level monitoring and experimental performance evaluation of a new implementation of the UPC compiler on the SGI Origin family of NUMA architectures. These systems offer many opportunities for the high-performance(More)
The model-based approach for detecting the fMRI activations involves assumptions about the hemodynamic response function. If such assumptions are incorrect or incomplete, this may result in biased estimates of the true response, posing a significant obstacle to the practicality of the technique. In this work, a simple yet robust model-free technique is(More)
Artificial intelligence researchers claim to "understand" some aspect of human intelligence when their model is able to "emulate" it. In the context of computer graphics, the ability to go from motion representation to "convincing" animation should accordingly be treated not simply as a mck for computer graphics programmers but as important epistemological(More)