Ahmed S. Mohamed

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—We review the space-mapping (SM) technique and the SM-based surrogate (modeling) concept and their applications in engineering design optimization. For the first time, we present a mathematical motivation and place SM into the context of classical optimization. The aim of SM is to achieve a satisfactory solution with a minimal number of computationally(More)
—We present advances in microwave and RF device modeling exploiting Space Mapping (SM) technology. We propose new SM modeling formulations utilizing input mappings, output mappings, frequency scaling and quadratic approximations. Our aim is to enhance circuit models for statistical analysis and yield-driven design. We illustrate our results using a(More)
— We present a family of robust techniques for exploiting sensitivities in EM-based circuit optimization through Space Mapping (SM). We utilize derivative information for parameter extractions and mapping updates. We exploit a Partial Space Mapping (PSM) concept where a reduced set of parameters is sufficient for parameter extraction optimization. Upfront(More)
UPC is an explicit parallel extension of ANSI C, which has been gaining rising attention from vendors and users. In this work, we consider the low-level monitoring and experimental performance evaluation of a new implementation of the UPC compiler on the SGI Origin family of NUMA architectures. These systems offer many opportunities for the high-performance(More)
—In this paper, we study the use of space-mapping (SM) techniques within the transmission-line matrix (TLM) method environment. Previous work on SM relies on an " idealized " coarse model in the design process of a computationally expensive fine model. For the first time, we examine the case when the coarse model is not capable of providing an ideal optimal(More)
In this paper the performance of a cooperative wireless communication system based on combined best relay selection (BRS) and adaptive LDPC coded modulation (ACM) scheme is investigated. These investigations are focused on evaluating the performance of the proposed cooperative wireless communication system over independent non-identical Rayleigh fading(More)