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Designing and Implementing Applications of Smart Home Appliances
Smart house or automation house and security system has been developed in the recent years because its importance to provides the energy saving, comfort for the elderly and security to the houseExpand
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Optimizing Arabic Speech Distinctive Phonetic Features and Phoneme Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm
The aim of this work is to consider methods to reduce the size of features vector employed for distinctive phonetic feature and phoneme recognition. Expand
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Gender Identification Using 3D Touch Sensor
This study develops a special iOS application to collect 3D touch sensor’s data from a user to collect biometric data useful for gender identification. Expand
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mmW Rotman Lens-Based Sensing: An Investigation Study
A Rotman lens is a wideband true-time delay device. Due to its simplistic structure with wave/signal routing capabilities, it has been widely utilized as a beamforming device in numerousExpand
Yttria Modified ZrO2 Supported Ni Catalysts for CO2 Reforming of Methane: The Role of Ce Promoter
Yttria modified zirconia (YZ) supported on 5 wt % of Ni-based catalysts promoted with ceria (1–3 wt %) were prepared by the impregnation process to investigate their performance for dry reforming ofExpand
Gender Identification Using 3D Touch Sensor Extended Version
This is an extended version of our paper [1] with more results and more contributors in our study, Gender identification has immense value in science and technology. It helps optimizing a softwareExpand
A Privacy-Preserving Iot-Based Fire Detector
In this paper, a fire detection system that preserves the privacy of surroundings, while maintaining a high level of accuracy for fire detection is proposed. Expand