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A considerable amount of evidence suggests that, under conditions of high discriminability, subjects are able to process multiple elements in a visual display simultaneously when searching for a single target among distractors. Relatively little emphasis, however has been placed on the question of whether subjects can search for and detect multiple targets(More)
We are witnessing a proliferation of massive visual data. Unfortunately scaling existing computer vision algorithms to large datasets leaves researchers repeatedly solving the same algorithmic, logistical, and infrastructural problems. Our goal is to democratize computer vision; one should not have to be a computer vision , big data and distributed(More)
Ferutinin (1), the major constituent of Ferula hermonis and other Ferula species, is a sesquiterpene ester with remarkable estrogenic activity, beside other valuable medicinal properties. To investigate the influence of chemical modification of the ferutinin structure on its estrogenic effect and binding affinity toward the cannabinoid CB1 and CB2(More)
Determination of optimum feed forward artificial neural network (ANN) design and training parameters is an extremely important mission. It is a challenging and daunting task to find an ANN design, which is effective and accurate. This paper presents a new methodology for the optimization of ANN parameters as it introduces a process of training ANN which is(More)
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