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We are witnessing a proliferation of massive visual data. Unfortunately scaling existing computer vision algorithms to large datasets leaves researchers repeatedly solving the same algorithmic, logistical, and infrastructural problems. Our goal is to democratize computer vision; one should not have to be a computer vision , big data and distributed(More)
Integration of wind power generation with existing power systems requires accurate forecasting of wind power due to its intermittent nature. Accurate wind power forecast can help system operators to include wind power in economic dispatch and unit commitment problems. In this paper, a simple window-based, adaptive-parameter regression model for short-term(More)
Bus stops attain their importance to the transit service from being the main points of contact between the passenger and the bus. Considering spatial attributes, both the location and the spacing of bus stops significantly affect transit service performance and passenger satisfaction, as they influence travel time in addition to their role in ensuring(More)
This paper presents a strategy for controlling the terminal voltage of a three phase switched rectifier. The novelty of the proposed method is that we use model reference adaptive control (MRAC) along with a custom designed switching mechanism. The switching mechanism is inspired by quantized control techniques. In this paper we do not focus on controlling(More)
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