Ahmed Omran

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Research on the future of the Egyptian tourism industry has become the subject of countless studies and debates. Different wildcards have high impacts on this crucial industry and ultimately of the future of the Egyptian national income. This paper is about an Intelligent Decision Support System (DSS) that specifically focuses on assessing the impacts of(More)
Policy/decision makers in governments, corporations and institutions all need to anticipate the future, analysis its impacts and be confidence about the consensus results. Future studies methods are often made to utilize quantitative and qualitative approaches using various methods such as Trend Impact Analysis (TIA). This paper introduces advanced(More)
Research on the Egyptian food security, has become the subject of countless studies and debates. The gap between the Egyptian domestic food production and consumption is translated into high import costs. In this paper, modeling, simulation analytical capability, expert experiences and imagination, and policy/decision makers' insights are integrated in a(More)
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