Ahmed O. El-Rayis

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The paper investigates the antenna design to be applied in the ESPACENET sensor node. The project involves a network of autonomous pico satellites working at a large number of communication standards and as passive radar sensors for earth observation. They would form the next generation of “eyes in the skies”; looking out for natural disasters, helping in(More)
Space exploration is evidence to the human desire to better understand our world and the universe that surrounds us. As NASA, ESA and other space agencies design and deploy missions to return to Moon and explore Mars and beyond, the realization is emerging that intelligent payloads must be developed that can respond to the uncertain surroundings(More)
The Fibonacci Switched-Capacitor (SC) converter demonstrates the highest performance by using minimum number of capacitors. However, as the Fibonacci SC requires a wide range of voltage rating of the devices, its implementation is difficult. This paper presents two gate driving techniques for designing and implementing two-phase Fibonacci SC converter for(More)