Ahmed Naddami

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Due to global economic factors, in Maghreb, there started short time ago and in the coming period will also continue a very high demand for technicians and engineers. In order to respond to this demand, the initial step is going to be to increase the capacity to train students in institutions of higher education in these countries. But at the same time an(More)
Engineering is a hands-on practicing; it is the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for solving problems and creating benefits for human kinds. Therefore practical works is one of the cornerstones of engineering. The thing that urges engineers to seek for knowledge that goes beyond the traditional proficiency gained in(More)
This work is part of the “eSience” project, which is realized in the framework of Tempus project, coordinated by Bordeau university and financed by the European Union. The “eSience” project aims to create a network of online labs in the maghrebian countries.The present paper will present our recent work in order to extend our(More)
The need for adopting virtual and remote labs in engineering education is high in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This paper proposes the evaluation plan of a network of remote labs in the Maghrebian countries. This plan is based on the significant research that has been done until now concerning the evaluation of remote labs. More specifically the proposed(More)
Morocco, which has no conventional energy resources, depends entirely on the international primary energy market to satisfy its growing demand due to its economic growth and demographic progression. The country imports the majority of its energy source supply. Morocco has implemented an important energy strategy that supports the country’s transition to(More)
The remote laboratory experiments in engineering education became a useful tool as a great challenge for specialists. Setting up a new educational platform with remote laboratory experiments, many students from many countries can access them in order to complete, enhance their education in engineering. This paper presents a new and full functionally remote(More)
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