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Heritability values for morning and afternoon body temperature and respiration rate were estimated in Fayoumi chicks at hatching and at the ages of 1, 2 and 3 months. The numbers of chicks used in the four ages were repectively 1424 , 959 , 641 and 453 . The highest h2 value of surviving chicks for body temperature was about o.i 5, which occurred at two(More)
was used to study (i) egg production beside the following blood serum constituents: (2) inorganic phosphorus, (3) calcium, (4) glucose, (5) urea, (6) uric acid, (7) total proteins, (8) albumen, (9) cholesterol, (io) bilirubin, (II ) alkaline phosphatase, (12 ) lactic dehydrogenase and (13 ) transaminase. These layers were the daughters of 40 sires and 241(More)
Gene frequencies were estimated in a sample of Baladi cattle for milk proteins, blood proteins and blood groups. Gene frequency estimates of Bos taurus, Bos indicus and Sanga breeds were assembled from the literature. The gene frequencies were utilized for estimating the genetic distance between the breeds and breed groups. The Egyptian Baladi cattle(More)
The method described by MOSTAGEER (1970) for assessing the efficiency of ancestorrecords was used to derive the partial regression coefficients for traits expressed on both sexes and for sex-limited characters. The regular cases in which all the measurable animals in the T available generations of ancestors provide information of the same size were first(More)
In a dairy ranching herd Brahman (BR) cows and their crosses with Simmental (SI) and Brown Swiss (BS) are mated with SI, BS, BR, SI X BR and Holstein sires. The salable milk production (SMP) of dam is affected by breeding group of cow and breeding group of mated sire. Cows mated with SI, BS and HO have a higher SMP than those mated with BR (higher suckling(More)
In 1977 , 273 native Baladi cows were inseminated with semen of Baladi, Angler, Bvaunvieh, Fi Braunvieh x Brown Swiss (BV-BS), Tyrolean Gvey and Friesian bulls. Mean values of birth weights of the ensuing calves ranged from 22 .4 kg for Baladis to 26. 5 for Braunvieh crossbreds, while birthweight in percent of dam’s weight varied betgween 7.8 5 per cent for(More)
950 Fayoumi pullets, daughters of 40sires and 3 i dams, belonging to the Faculty of Agriculture Cairo University. The partial records include the egg production till 40 , 44 , 48, 52 and 70 weeks of age using full trapnesting and partial trapnesting (3 days every week), together with the annual partial trapnesting record, beside the production during six(More)
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