Ahmed Mohammad Makki

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Objective: To present a case of spontaneous perforation of colon. Introduction: Spontaneous perforation of colon (SPC) is defined as sudden perforation of apparently healthy colon in absence of diseases or injury. SPC is an uncommon clinical entity which is seldom reported in literature, less than 100 cases were reported. Case report: A 82-year-old(More)
A retrospective consecutive study was made of 3000 surgical wounds. All wounds were examined for ten days after operation. The overall infection rate of surgical wound infection (SWI) was 3.53%. SWI lengthened significantly duration of hospital stay (12 days vs 4 days, p < 10-6). Monovariate analysis had shown as significantly risk factors: diabetes (12.26%(More)
INTRODUCTION Obesity is a condition that has significant impact on public health. Recent exciting studies have linked chronic gastritis and H. pylori infection to obesity. Chronic gastritis has shown increased prevalence in obesity, more particularly H. pylori-related gastritis. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of chronic gastritis in morbidly(More)
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