Ahmed Mohamed Sultan

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High-density memristor-crossbar architecture is a very promising technology for future computing systems. The simplicity of the gateless-crossbar structure is both its principal advantage and the source of undesired sneak-paths of current. This parasitic current could consume an enormous amount of energy and ruin the readout process. We introduce new(More)
INTRODUCTION The early hepatic venous outflow obstruction (HVOO) is a rare but serious complication after liver transplantation, which may result in graft loss. We report a case of early HVOO after living donor liver transplantation, which was managed by ectopic placement of foley catheter. PRESENTATION A 51 years old male patient with end stage liver(More)
—We consider a set of primary channels that operate in an unslotted fashion, switching activity at random times. A secondary user senses the primary channels searching for transmission opportunities. If a channel is sensed to be free, the secondary terminal transmits, and if sensed to be busy, the secondary transmitter remains silent. We solve the problem(More)
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