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A series of benzenesulfonamides incorporating cyanoacrylamide moieties (tyrphostine analogues) have been obtained by reaction of sulfanilamide with ethylcyanoacetate followed by condensation with(More)
Benzenesulfonamides incorporating cyanoacrylamide moieties with activity against tumour-associated human (h) isoforms hCA IX and XII (which are validated antitumor targets) were investigated for(More)
A series of new sulfonamides was prepared starting from 2-oxo-N'-(4-sulfamoylphenyl)-propanehydrazonoyl chloride, a sulfanilamide derivative, which was reacted with aroylhydrazides, amines, or(More)
Bio-guided fractionation of the total alcoholic extract of Convolvulus austro-aegyptiacus was screened for its anti-ulcerogenic activity, using an absolute-ethanol-induced ulcer model at 500 and 1000(More)
A large number of antimitotic drugs, derived from natural sources or chemically synthesized, have been identified and shown to interfere with the tubulin system. Inhibition of tubulin polymerization(More)