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The world is extremely diverse and its diversity is obvious in the cultural differences and the large number of spoken languages being used all over the world. In this sense, we need to collect and organize a huge amount of knowledge obtained from multiple resources differing from one another in many aspects. A possible approach for doing that is to think(More)
Some Telco customers have multiple "Subscriber-Identity-Modules" or SIM cards across competing mobile operators or within the same operator. Multi-SIM detection is beneficial to telecommunications operators in tuning campaigns, acquiring usage from competitors, and retaining customers. The goal was to develop and materialize the techniques required to build(More)
The functional and cost advantages of Internet telephony are evident. By today's technical standards, however, Voice Over IP (VOIP) is still less secure than traditional telephony. At the same time, the hacker scene is constantly looking for new weak spots and developing ingenious methods of attack to gain access to confidential information and penetrate(More)
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