Ahmed Mabrouk

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Identification of oblique lines of a particular slope is needed for various applications such as motion tracking for smart cameras. Wavelets and gradient-based techniques, such as Sobel and Canny, do not classify edges based on their slopes. The Hough transform (HT) does classify edges based on their slopes but with high computational complexity, even using(More)
Faithfulness is one of the main hypotheses on which rely most Bayesian network (BN) structure learning algorithms. When some random variables are deterministically determined by others, faithfulness is ruled out and classical learning algorithms fail to discover many dependences between variables, hence producing incorrect BNs. Even state-of-the-art(More)
Geriatric hip fractures are one of the commonest fractures worldwide. The purpose of this study was to report the outcomes of a series of unstable geriatric hip fractures treated with AFFIXUS hip fracture nail. A retrospective study of 100 unstable geriatric hip fractures treated with AFFIXUS hip fracture nail is presented. The mean follow-up duration was 8(More)
Institutt for datateknikk og informasjonsvitenskap Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet Résumé—L'analyse de performance des algorithmes en fonc-tion des paramètres fait actuellement l'objet de nombreux travaux. La tâche est ardue, car il s'agit d'´ etudier la relation entre les paramètres et la performancè a partir de très grandes masses de(More)
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