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Evaluation of Lead Hepatotoxicity; Histological, Histochemical and Ultrastructural Study
Lead is one of the most well-known naturally occurring environmental heavy metals. This experimental study was designed to evaluate lead induced toxic effects on hepatocytes and lobular architectureExpand
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Anatomical study of the human ansa cervicalis nerve and its variations
With the expanding use of the ansa cervicalis nerve for laryngeal reinnervation procedures. So the aim of this work was to study the anatomical variations of ansa cervicalis in its roots, course andExpand
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6-gingerol ameliorates gentamicin induced renal cortex oxidative stress and apoptosis in adult male albino rats.
Ginger or Zingiber officinale which is used in traditional medicine has been found to possess antioxidant effect that can control the generation of free radicals. Free radicals are the causes ofExpand
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Reflection of the Type of Medical Curriculum on Its Anatomy Content: Trial to Improve the Anatomy Learning Outcomes
Doctors without anatomy are like a blind that deceives the road in the desert. Traditionalists perceive a decline in Anatomy knowledge and attribute it to the modern methods of teaching and learning.Expand
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Overview on the Anatomical and Clinical Aspects of Mandibular Prognathism
The form and size of the human mandible is subject to considerable variation from the accepted normal. One of the more interesting and rewarding aspects of oral surgery is the operative correction ofExpand
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Association of Low Back Pain with Vitamin D Deficiency and other Common Risk Factors: A Hospital Based Case-Control Study
Background: low back pain (LBP) is an extremely common health Problem in Asian communities. It is a major cause of activity limitation. Aim of this study was to identify the association of vitamin DExpand
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Silymarin Ameliorates Hepatotoxic Effect of Cisplatin: A Structural and Ultrastructural study of Adult Albino Rats
Objectives: To determine structural and ultrastructural changes in adult rat liver induced by cisplatin (Cis) and to evaluate the impact of drug withdrawal and the effect of silymarin on cisplatinExpand
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Value of estrogen receptor β expression in normal colon mucosa and colorectalcancer: an immunohistochemical analysis
Abstract Estrogens (ER) have a protective role against colorectal carcinoma (CRC). Reduction of death from CRC has been observed in women (30%) as compared to men (7%) in particular with the usersExpand
Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Anatomical and Histopathological Study
Worldwide, the frequency of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CIBD), including ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) increased rapidly through the last century making theirExpand