Ahmed M Mounib

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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to assess the role of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in refining the diagnosis of prenatally suspected fetal renal abnormalities following screening ultrasound. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty pregnant women, with suspected fetal renal abnormality detected during screening ultrasound and more than 14 weeks' gestation, were(More)
The noise properties of polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors are studied. The influences of the various chemical treatments and annealing temperatures, prior and after polysilicon deposition, on the noise magnitude are shown. The impact of hot-electron-induced degradation and post-stress recovery on the base and collector current fluctuations are also(More)
A simple model of the base current low frequency noise in a BiCMOS BJT's is presented. This model accounts for the carrier number fluctuations which arise in the generation-recombination base current component from the trapping-detrapping processes occurring in the vicinity of oxide spacers. The model predicts reasonably well the power law dependence of the(More)
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