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A randomised controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of mass screening with single-view mammography in reducing mortality from breast cancer was started in Sweden in 1977. 162 981 women aged 40 years or more and living in the counties of Kopparberg and Ostergötland were enrolled in the study and divided at random into 2 groups. Each woman in the study(More)
The study of longitudinal data plays a significant role in medicine, epidemiology and social sciences. Typically, the interest is in the dependence of an outcome variable on the covariates. The Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) were proposed to unify the regression approach for a wide variety of discrete and continuous longitudinal data. The responses(More)
Longitudinal data are not uncommon in many disciplines where repeated measurements on a response variable are collected for all subjects. Some intended measurements may not be available for some subjects resulting in a missing data pattern. Dropout pattern occurs when some subjects leave the study prematurely. The missing data pattern is defined as(More)
The effects of somatostatin on the development of adjuvant arthritis induced by Mycobacterium butyricum were studied. Somatostatin was injected into the lateral cerebral ventricle every day for 14 days beginning on the first day of mycobacteria inoculation in the preventive group. In the treatment group, somatostatin was injected from day 17 until day 30(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the anti-inflammatory properties of intracerebroventricular met-enkephalin (met-enk) administration in an animal model of arthritis. Adjuvant arthritis was induced in rats by intradermal inoculation of mycobacterium butyricum and the effects of intraventricular met-enk+thiorphan (enkephalinase inhibitor) were(More)
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