Ahmed M. Farrag

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This paper dealt with the studies of flea fauna as collected on the rodent hosts over one year. The collected rodents (499) in a descending order of abundance in the collection were Rattus rattus, R. norvegicus, Mus musculus, Gerbillus pyramidum and Arvicanthis niloticus. The collected fleas in a descending order in the collection were X. cheopis, P.(More)
Ecto and endoparasites are still one of the public health problems in Egypt. This is particularly true among school students who are exposed to the parasitic infections or infestations by autoinfection or by contagious. In this paper, two primary schools were selected in Qualyob City, Qualyobia Governorate (in the Nile Delta). Examination of 486 school(More)
Generally speaking, chironomids contain potent inhalant allergens. The skin prick tests with chironomid crude extract (Chironomus (C.) calipterus) were positive in 20 out of 25 children with respiratory allergy. The skin prick tests with house dust mite crude extract (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) were positive in 3 of these 20 chironomoid positive skin(More)
Fasciola gigantica is one of the parasites which affect the liver by producing biliary tract lumen syndrome. Soluble adhesion molecules namely soluble intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (sICAM-1) and soluble E-selection (sELAM-1) were assayed in human fascioliasis cases with or without complications. It was found that sICAM-1 and sELAM-1 were significantly(More)
The changes that occur in cell mediated and humoral immunity in patients suffering from chronic renal failure associated with schistosomiasis were studied. There was a decrease in T3%, T4% and T4/T8 ratio. IgG, IgM and IgE levels were found to be increased in such cases. It was concluded that there was a reciprocal relationship between cell mediated(More)
Lymphatic leishmaniasis was reported as an indigenous infection in a 30 year old male from Abo Hamad, Sharkia, Egypt. Cervical lymphadenopathy was the only clinical sign and no visceral involvement. Diagnosis was based on histopathological examination of needle biopsied material. The patient was successfully treated with sodium stibogluconate as shown(More)
Myiasis is a problem of Medical and Veterinary importance worldwide. It affects human welfare both directly and indirectly. ELISA kit hypodermosis was evaluated in detecting antibodies against two oestrid larvae, Przhevalskiana silenus in goats and Cephalopina titillator in camels. Both animals were parasitologically proved to have oestrid myiasis(More)