Ahmed M. Elaiw

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This thesis is a systematic presentation of our results in the field of stabilization of sampled data nonlinear systems by receding horizon control. The results presented in the thesis The stabilization problem of nonlinear systems has received considerable attention in recent decades. The use of digital computers in the implementation of the controllers(More)
The paper is devoted to the investigation of synchronization for an array of linearly and diffusively coupled inertial delayed neural networks (DNNs). By placing feedback control on a small fraction of network nodes, the entire coupled DNNs can be synchronized to a common objective trajectory asymptotically. Two different analysis methods, including matrix(More)
This paper deals with the finite-time boundedness and stabilization problem for a class of switched neural networks with time-varying delay and parametric uncertainties. Based on Lyapunov-like function method and average dwell time technique, some sufficient conditions are derived to guarantee the finite-time boundedness of considered uncertain switched(More)
In this paper, a new synchronization problem for the collective dynamics among genetic oscillators with unbounded time-varying delay is investigated. The dynamical system under consideration consists of an array of linearly coupled identical genetic oscillators with each oscillators having unbounded time-delays. A new concept called power-rate(More)
In this paper, the properties of the Laplacian matrices for the n-prism networks are investigated. We calculate the Laplacian spectra of n-prism graphs which are both planar and polyhedral. In particular, we derive the analytical expressions for the product and the sum of the reciprocals of all nonzero Laplacian eigenvalues. Moreover, these results are used(More)
The resistance distance between any two vertices of í µí°º is defined as the network effective resistance between them if each edge of í µí°º is replaced by a unit resistor. The Kirchhoff index Kf(í µí°º) is the sum of resistance distances between all the pairs of vertices in í µí°º. We firstly provided an exact formula for the Kirchhoff index of the(More)
This paper proposes a critical analysis of the existing literature on mathematical tools developed toward systems biology approaches and, out of this overview, develops a new approach whose main features can be briefly summarized as follows: derivation of mathematical structures suitable to capture the complexity of biological, hence living, systems,(More)