Ahmed M Al-Ansari

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UNLABELLED This study assesses the impairment and treatment outcome of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in an outpatient child psychiatry clinic, using multiple sources, including the Children Global Assessment Scale (C-GAS). METHODS A total of 20 children, aged 4 to 16 years, were recruited serially in 2010 from the Child(More)
The etiology of and suspected risk factors leading to mild mental retardation were analyzed in unselected series of 109 Bahraini school children with this condition born between 1967 and 1982. The cause was considered to be prenatal in 38.5% of the children; perinatal (asphyxia and prematurity), in 11.9%; and postnatal, in 7.4%. In 42% the cause was(More)
A one year cohort of 67 overdose attempts among youth (15-24 years) was examined as part of a case control study. The prevalence rate of 105 per 100,000 population is lower than reported rates in the West but higher than those for the region. The majority of attempters were females and nationals who used paracetamol, and their suicide intent was low.(More)
The number of disabled persons in Bahrain, and their demographic characteristics, are estimated through a national morbidity survey of about 11,251 persons from 2672 households. The results showed that 9.8 persons per 1000 population were found to be disabled, including blind, deaf, inconvenience of body or limb, and mentally handicapped. A higher(More)
INTRODUCTION The attitude of medical students towards psychiatry has been studied extensively in the developed world. The inability to attract medical students to specialize in psychiatry has always been a serious challenge to psychiatric recruitment. OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the attitude of medical students towards psychiatry and identifies(More)
Adolescents from two time periods, diagnosed with adjustment disorder (n = 72), were examined retrospectively for the type of life stressors that initiated their referrals to a child psychiatry unit. They were compared with a control group of adolescents (n = 42) who were referred to the unit during the same time periods and who received a diagnosis of "no(More)
European and North American studies show that the prevalence of autistic disorder is inccreasing. This study was performed to identify the prevalence of autistic disorder in Bahrain, and determine some of the demographic and family characteristics. Using a case-control design, 100 children who received a diagnosis of autistic disorder according to DSM-IV-TR(More)
As oleaginous microorganisms represent an upcoming novel feedstock for the biotechnological production of lipids or lipid-derived biofuels, we searched for novel, lipid-producing strains in desert soil. This was encouraged by the hypothesis that neutral lipids represent an ideal storage compound, especially under arid conditions, as several animals are(More)