Ahmed Lehireche

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Recent signijkant advances in artijicial intelligence have led to the emergence of new concepts of soji computing genetic programming, evolutionary engineering, hybrid intelligent systems, and artijicial life. EE design relies on evolutionary algorithms to construct or evolve complex systems. This paper is intended to highlight the concept of evolutionaly(More)
Ontologies are widely used in several areas with applications including knowledge Management, Web commerce and electronic business. An ontology provides a consensus of concept specifications for a specific domain shared by a group of people. In this paper we deal with Ontology Learning, specifically we aim to adapt the WordNet ontol-ogy, a general source of(More)
Evolutionary Engineering (EE) is defined to be " the art of using evolutionary algorithms approach such as genetic algorithms to build complex systems ". This paper deals with a neural net based system. It analyses ability of genetically trained neural nets to control Simulated robot arm, witch tries to track a moving object. In difference from classical(More)
By these days, most companies are more aware of than ever in providing quality of services over the web for reasons of economy, reliability, interoperability, flexibility, and universality. Enterprise application integration may rely on B2B scenarios where several candidate services with similar capabilities are provided by different service providers. The(More)
Dans cet article nous présentons un automate cellulaire (Class_AC) pour résoudre un problème de text mining en l'occurrence la classification non supervisée (Clustering). Avant de procéder à l'expérimentation par l'automate cellulaire, nous avons vectorisés nos données en procédant à l'indexation des documents textuels provenant de la base de donnée REUTERS(More)
Ad hoc network is a set of nodes that are able to move and can be connected in an arbitrary manner. Each node acts as a router and communicates using a multi-hop wireless links. Nodes within ad hoc networks need efficient dynamic routing protocols to facilitate communication. An Efficient routing protocol can provide significant benefits to mobile ad hoc(More)
L'annotation d'une page web constitue l'outil qui permet d'associer une sémantique au contenu de la page. Enrichir le partage d'information, améliorer les échanges et augmenter l'interopérabilité sur le web sont les principaux objectifs. En effet, avec la grande masse de données gérées à travers le monde et surtout avec l'avènement du web, l'annotation(More)
Intensive efforts are made in the Web services selection literature by these days mainly because of the overwhelming interest of the community in the services provided over the Web. In selecting best services, the non functional properties of such services are proven to be more and more important; these describe the Quality of service that is the key factor(More)