Ahmed Kulaib

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Wireless communications literature is very rich with empirical studies and measurement campaigns that study the nature of the wireless propagation channel. However, despite their undoubted usefulness, many of these studies have omitted a fundamental yet key feature of the physical signal propagation, that is, wireless propagation asymmetry. This feature(More)
Asymmetry is unquestionably an important characteristic of the wireless propagation channel, which needs to be accurately modeled for wireless and mobile communications, 5G networks, and associated applications such as indoor/outdoor localization. This paper reports on the potential causes of propagation asymmetry. Practical channel measurements at Khalifa(More)
A practical, portable, durable and mobile Reflectometer Apparatus for determination of fresh concrete water-cement ratio is designed and constructed. The water can be pure or saline. The device is developed for real-time and field measurements using a few microwave components and a monopole antenna probe. Keywords-component; water-cement ratio, microwave(More)
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