Ahmed Khudhair Hassan

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BACKGROUND Oral health disparities related to socioeconomic status have been well described in the U.S., but oral health among refugee groups has not been well characterized. This article examines oral health among Somali refugees in Massachusetts. METHODS Eighty-three (83) participants were purposively selected for an in-depth, open-ended interview(More)
Plasticised poly(vinyl chloride)-based membranes containing the ionophores (α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins (CD), dibenzo-18-crown-6 (DB18C6) and dibenzo-30-crown-10 (DB30C10) were evaluated for their potentiometric response towards promethazine (PM) in a flow injection analysis (FIA) set-up. Good responses were obtained when β- and γ-CDs, and DB30C10 were used.(More)
BACKGROUND The insurgency tactics that characterize modern warfare, such as suicide car bombs and roadside bombs, have the potential to significantly impact road traffic injuries in conflict affected-countries. As road traffic incidents are one of the top ten causes of death in Iraq, changes in incidence have important implications for the health system. We(More)
Trifluoperazine is widely used in the treatment of psychotic patients for its neuroleptic and antidepressive action. In this study, the construction, evaluation and application of new potentiometric sensors for trifluoperazine hydrochloride (TFPH) are described. The sensing membranes incorporated either ion-pair complexes of the trifluoperazine cation and(More)
In numerous countries, especially developing countries, the effectiveness of animal health activities is hampered by weakness in the overall organisation of Veterinary Services’ health activities, namely: a) the excessive administrative centralisation that characterises the analysis of health problems, in which the search for solutions depends solely on(More)
OBJECTIVE After several years of relative stability in Iraq, the emergence of the Islamic State militant group has spurred a resurgence of violence. This study explores the impact of the conflict on the overall injury profile to estimate the proportion of injury fatalities related to conflict and better understand how violence has affected(More)
BACKGROUND In Iraq, where Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other groups have contributed to escalating violence in recent years, understanding the epidemiology of intentional firearm-related fatalities is essential for public health action. METHODS The Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH; Baghdad, Iraq) compiles surveillance of fatal injuries in eight(More)
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