Ahmed Khademzadeh

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Dynamic and efficient routing is one of the key challenges in wireless ad hoc networks. In this paper, based on a reactive AODV protocol, a novel semi-proactive routing protocol, named SP-AODV, is presented that uses proactive routing for some special nodes. The efficiency of the new protocol lies in the fact that some nodes with certain conditions will(More)
One of the most important challenges in mobile ad hoc networks is to use an efficient and dynamic routing protocol, as the nodes can move randomly, which requires the routing protocol to respond quickly to the network topology change. In this paper, a new hybrid routing protocol, based on a reactive AODV routing, is introduced. It follows the proactive(More)
Topology Control and energy saving is one of the most important challenges in wireless sensor networks because of Special characteristics of these networks such as limited transmission range, low bandwidth, limited power resource and the impossibility of recharging. In this paper, k-fault tolerant clustering topology control algorithm is presented. This(More)
Points-to analysis is the problem of approximating run-time values of pointers statically or at compile-time. Pointsto sets are used to store the approximated values of pointers during points-to analysis. Memory usage and running time limit the ability of points-to analysis to analyze large programs. To our knowledge, works which have implemented a(More)
The brute-force solution of n-queens problem is computationally expensive due to the large number of possible positioning of n number of queens on an n×n chessboard. In order to meet this challenge, the number of possibilities can be reduced by applying some rules, and the time needed to examine the remaining ones can become shorter by processing(More)
Large-scale Non-linear Regression within the MapReduce Framework By: Ahmed Khademzadeh Thesis Advisor: Philip Chan, Ph.D. Regression models have many applications in real world problems such as finance, epidemiology, environmental science, etc.. Big datasets are everywhere these days, and bigger datasets would help us to construct better models from the(More)
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