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he term mobile agent contains two separate and distinct concepts: mobility and agency. 1 Mobile agents refer plainly to self-contained and identifiable computer programs that can move within the network and act on behalf of the user or another entity [1]. The idea of a self-controlled program execution near the data source has been proposed as the next wave(More)
—Mobile users and applications are putting pressure on wireless network operators to improve the seamless handover of devices and services. Strong business competition for subscribers , along with the ever increasing availability of wireless networks will give nomadic and mobile users the opportunity, and systems the power, to make better handover(More)
—This paper presents a novel paradigm to approach the issue of autonomous policy-based management of wired/wire-less differentiated communication systems. In contrast to existing management approaches which require static a priori policy configurations, policies are created dynamically. The proposed framework addresses the management issue from a new(More)