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Document clustering algorithms usually use vector space model (VSM) as their underlying model for document representation. VSM assumes that terms are independent and accordingly ignores any semantic relations between them. This results in mapping documents to a space where the proximity between document vectors does not reflect their true semantic(More)
Reducing the dimensionality of the data has been a challenging task in data mining and machine learning applications. In these applications, the existence of irrelevant and redundant features negatively affects the efficiency and effectiveness of different learning algorithms. Feature selection is one of the dimension reduction techniques, which has been(More)
The Nyström method is an efficient technique for obtaining a low-rank approximation of a large kernel matrix based on a subset of its columns. The quality of the Nyström approximation highly depends on the subset of columns used, which are usually selected using random sampling. This paper presents a novel recursive algorithm for calculating the Nyström(More)
—Given a very large data set distributed over a cluster of several nodes, this paper addresses the problem of selecting a few data instances that best represent the entire data set. The solution to this problem is of a crucial importance in the big data era as it enables data analysts to understand the insights of the data and explore its hidden structure.(More)
The kernel k-means is an effective method for data clustering which extends the commonly-used k-means algorithm to work on a similarity matrix over complex data structures. It is, however, compu-tationally very complex as it requires the complete kernel matrix to be calculated and stored. Further, its kernelized nature hinders the parallelization of its(More)
Dictionary learning and sparse representation (DLSR) is a recent and successful mathematical model for data representation that achieves state-of-the-art performance in various fields such as pattern recognition, machine learning, computer vision, and medical imaging. The original formulation for DLSR is based on the minimization of the reconstruction error(More)
In today’s information systems, the availability of massive amounts of data necessitates the development of fast and accurate algorithms to summarize these data and represent them in a succinct format. One crucial problem in big data analytics is the selection of representative instances from large and massively distributed data, which is formally known as(More)
Different document representation models have been proposed to measure semantic similarity between documents using corpus statistics. Some of these models explicitly estimate semantic similarity based on measures of correlations between terms, while others apply dimension reduction techniques to obtain latent representation of concepts. This paper proposes(More)