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This paper presents a consistency control protocol destined for groups of cooperative processes located worldwide. We assume that processes cooperate by sharing a replicated object. We consider processes with well-known prooles; however the actual behaviour of each process could diverge from the proole. The protocol aims at ooering a good quality of service(More)
This paper addresses the issue of in-plane coupling into and out of circular-grating resonators with optical waveguides for all-optical switching applications. Two different designs are proposed: the first design consists in directly accessing the cavity with the waveguides. The second design is based on optimization with an evolutionary algorithm that(More)
The Divergence Control Protocol Based on Predicted Profile allows cooperative processes deployed on a weakly-connected environment to conciliate the offering of low response time to clients with the guarantee of a bounded consistency , despite characteristics of the underlying communication infrastructure. This paper presents how to decompose a global(More)
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