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Hormonal control of growth was examined in juvenile Mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus under different environmental salinities. When juve nile tilapia were acclimated to fresh water (FW) or(More)
An amplicon metagenomic approach based on the ITS2 region of fungal rDNA was used to identify the composition of fungal communities associated with different strawberry organs (leaves, flowers,(More)
  • Halim Mossa, Ahmed Hassan Abdelfattah, Mostafa Mohamed Mohafrash, Nilly Ahmed Hassan Abdelfattah, Samia Mostafa Mohamed Mohafrash
  • 2017
Background and Objective: Insecticides are widely used to protect grains during stored against many insects, it caused serious adverse effects on grains, seeds, birds, humans and increase water, soil(More)