Ahmed Halioui

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In many technical domains, the generic problem-solving knowledge is scarce even hough a large number of concrete resolutions exist and are well documented. This makes the machine learning from resolution traces approach facing a number of challenges, not least among them the complexity of the underlying domain (concepts, relationships, events, processes,(More)
Workflow platforms enable the construction of solutions to complex problems as step-wise processes made of components including methods, tools, data formats, parameters, <i>etc</i>. Successful workflow solutions require a mastering of the different components paving the way to automated acquisition of problem solving expertise. Thus, process mining could be(More)
Advances in cloning and sequencing technology are yielding a massive number of viral genomes. The classification and annotation of these genomes constitute important assets in the discovery of genomic variability, taxonomic characteristics and disease mechanisms. Existing classification methods are often designed for specific well-studied family of viruses.(More)
Contemporary workflow management systems are driven by explicit process models specifying the interdependencies between tasks. Creating these models is a challenging and time-consuming task. Existing approaches to mining concrete workflows into models tackle design aspects related to the diverging abstraction levels of the tasks. Concrete workflow logs(More)
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