Ahmed HajYasien

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Privacy concerns may discourage users who would otherwise join beneficial data mining tasks for intelligence and/or security. We propose an efficient protocol that allows parties to share data in a private way with no restrictions and without loss of accuracy. Our method has the immediate application that horizontally partitioned databases can be brought(More)
Many privacy preserving data mining algorithms attempt to selectively hide what database owners consider as sensitive. Specifically, in the association-rules domain, many of these algorithms are based on item-restriction methods; that is, removing items from some transactions in order to hide sensitive frequent itemsets. The infancy of this area has not(More)
In current physical rehabilitation protocols, patients typically perform exercises without feedback or guidance following the initial demonstrations from the physiotherapist. This paper proposes a system providing continuous visual feedback and guidance to patients to improve quality of motion performance and adherence to instructions. The system consists(More)
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