Ahmed H. Osman

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This paper proposes a simple but effective fault location algorithm for series compensated transmission lines using unsynchronized two-ended measurements. The data synchronization is achieved using post-fault data samples which enhance the performance of the delivered algorithm. The proposed fault locating algorithm is independent of the reference bus(More)
Integration of wind power generation with existing power systems requires accurate forecasting of wind power due to its intermittent nature. Accurate wind power forecast can help system operators to include wind power in economic dispatch and unit commitment problems. In this paper, a simple window-based, adaptive-parameter regression model for short-term(More)
The paper presents a comprehensive methodology for voltage stability assessment of power systems using modern analytical tools. The paper also highlights the importance of proper power system component modeling, especially dynamic loads, for achieving higher accuracy. A case study for a practical system is presented and simulation results are discussed.
Voltage stability problem has become one of the major concerns for power utilities in recent years. This is due to the exponentially growing demands and the associated stress on the power transmission resources. Moreover, voltage instability has been responsible for severe network collapses world-wide and subsequently, the possible threat of voltage(More)
Electric utilities conventionally maintain distribution voltage within acceptable limit using transformer tap changer located at Medium Voltage (MV) side. Traditionally, tap changers receive control signals from single bus and change the tap positions to maintain voltages accordingly. Penetration level, location and intermittent behaviour of the Distributed(More)
Penetration level, location and intermittent behaviour of the Distributed Generations (DGs) integrated with the distribution system will have great impacts on the system performance and stability. One of the subjects is high voltage rise at tail end of radial feeder. Electric utilities use On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) attached to Medium Voltage (MV)(More)
This paper proposes a simple and accurate fault location scheme for three-terminal transmission lines using unsynchronized measurements. The algorithm presents the fault location procedure as a Genetic Algorithm based optimization problem with a lower dimensionality compared to those proposed in literature. Data synchronization and fault location procedure(More)
Grey system theory deals with systems characterized by the uncertainty of the partially known/unknown information. The traditional Grey prediction model GM(1,1) has been widely used in different short-term prediction applications including wind power forecast. However, it is proved that it cannot provide sufficient prediction accuracy. In this paper a new(More)
Demand-Side Management (DSM) programs are practical mechanisms to coordinate energy consumption to achieve the grid-wide objectives. While most of the prior works in the literature are successful in achieving power system optimality, i.e, minimizing the total system cost or minimizing the demand profile peak-to-average ratio, most of them ignore the(More)
This paper presents a strategy for controlling the terminal voltage of a three phase switched rectifier. The novelty of the proposed method is that we use model reference adaptive control (MRAC) along with a custom designed switching mechanism. The switching mechanism is inspired by quantized control techniques. In this paper we do not focus on controlling(More)
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