Ahmed H Mangood

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Based on chelation-enhanced fluorescence, a new fluorescent coumarin derivative probe 3(1-(7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin)ethylidene)hydrazinecarbodithioate for Hg(2+), Ag(+) and Ag nanoparticles is reported. Fluorescent probe acts as a rapid and highly selective "off-on" fluorescent probe and fluorescence enhancement by factors 5 to 12 times was observed upon(More)
Density functional theory (DFT)/BMK and CBS-QB3 ab initio calculations have been carried out to study the structures and energetics of unimolecular decomposition reactions of isopropyl butanoate (IPB, C(3)H(7)C(O)OCH(CH(3))(2)) as a model biofuel. The results show a good performance of the BMK method. Among seven different dissociation channels of IPB,(More)
The thermochemistry and kinetics of the pyrolysis of 2-butanol have been conducted using ab initio methods (CBS-QB3 and CCSD(T)) and density functional theory (DFT). The enthalpies of formation and bond dissociation energies of some alcohols including 2-butanol and its derived radicals have been calculated. A variety of simple and complex dissociations have(More)
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