Ahmed Ghoneim

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The study focuses on the period 2004–09 during which Egypt experienced food crisis. The political economy context on how the government responded to the crisis is analysed while pinpointing to what extent there was a pass-through effect from international to domestic prices. The complexity of food price policy issues and their entanglement with poverty,(More)
The rhoptry secretory organelles of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, contain a RhopH complex, which is composed of the proteins RhopH1, RhopH2, and RhopH3. RhopH1 is encoded by the rhoph1/clag multi-gene family, whereas RhopH2 and RhopH3 are encoded by single-copy genes. The precise function of the RhopH complex has not been identified, but it(More)
Relative attribute learning aims to learn the ranking function describing the relative strength of the attribute. Most of current learning approaches learn linear ranking function for each attribute by use of the hand-crafted visual features. Different from the existing work, in this paper, we propose a novel deep relative attributes (DRA) algorithm to(More)
In this paper we present a proposal for safely evolving a software system against run-time changes. This proposal is based on a reflective architecture which provides objects with the ability of dynamically changing their behavior by using their design information. The meta-level system of the proposed architecture supervises the evolution of the software(More)
Evolvability and adaptability are intrinsic properties of today's software applications. Unfortunately, the urgency of evolving/adapting a system often drives the developer to directly modify the application code neglecting to update its design models. Even, most of the development environments support the code refactoring without supporting the refactoring(More)
Patlet. The fragment of pattern language proposed in this paper, shows how to adapt a nonstoppable software system to reflect changes in its running environment. These framework patterns depend on well-known techniques for programs to dynamically analyze and modify their own structure, commonly called computational reflection. Our patterns go together with(More)
Today, complex information systems need a simple way for changing the object behavior according with changes that occur in its running environment. We present a reflective architecture which provides the ability to change object behavior at run-time by using design-time information. By integrating reflection with design patterns we get a flexible and easily(More)
Text Categorization aims to assign an electronic document to one or more categories based on its contents. Due to the rapid growth of the number of online Arabic documents, the information libraries and Arabic document corpus, automatic Arabic document classification becomes an important task. This paper suggests the use of rooting algorithm with(More)