Ahmed Ghanem

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In an attempt to understand the pathophysiology of the transurethral resection syndrome this prospective metabolic study was conducted on 100 consecutive patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The volume of glycine absorbed, intravenous fluid given and blood loss were calculated, and serum osmolality, sodium and glycine were(More)
OBJECTIVE Loin pain with and without hematuria is a serious clinical problem that is most difficult to diagnose and treat. The underlying symptomatic nephroptosis was disparaged long ago, the loin pain hematuria syndrome is doubted and the link between the 2 conditions remains unknown. The lack of demonstrable pathology on all supine imaging has caused(More)
In 1886, Starling proposed a hypothesis for the capillary-interstitial fluid transfer in which capillary filtration is attributed to arterial pressure, based on Poiseuille's work in long uniform tubes. In 1967-8, the precapillary sphincter, pores and negative interstitial pressure were reported. In 1984, clinical observations inconsistent with Starling's(More)
Based on clinical and experimental work two new types of volumetric overload shocks are reported: volumetric overload shock type one and type two depending on the type of fluid causing their induction. Volumetric overload shock type one is induced by sodium-free fluids such as glycine, glucose, mannitol and sorbitol and is characterized with acute(More)