Ahmed F. M. El-Mahdy

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For the first time, an amplified chemiluminescence (CL) detection of the telomere DNA spotted on a nylon membrane is described here, based on the direct hybridization with the CL probe of dendrimer-like polymeric DNAs possessing a large number of guanine moieties. This probe was synthesized by sense and antisense hybridization between Y-shaped DNAs and then(More)
Convenient drug-resistance testing of viral mutants is indispensable to effective treatment of viral infection. We developed a novel fluorometric assay for phenotypic differentiation of drug-resistant mutants of human immunodeficiency virus-I protease (HIV-PR) which uses enzymatic and peptide-specific fluorescence (FL) reactions and high-performance liquid(More)
A selective, sensitive, and convenient assay for human collagenase is required because of its implication in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and tumors. Here, a novel assay for human collagenase activity is described in which enzymatic degradation of native collagen or acetyl peptide is determined by using a fluorogenic reaction for(More)
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