Ahmed Elsaify

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A wireless sensor network has been designed and deployed to gather data from nodes deployed inside glaciers. This paper describes the solutions to power management, radio communications and other challenges faced in the system together with a discussion of the performance of the final system. 18 months of data have now been received, which provide an(More)
<i>Wireless sensor networks</i> demand the need to design practical and robust communication protocols to meet the application specifications. Our research focuses on designing and implementing an <i>environmental sensor network</i> to be used for sub-glacial study. The glacier is a very hostile environment presenting severe challenges and complications in(More)
This paper proposes the use of a Visual Sensor Network (VSN) for tracking the motion of tennis players on court in real-time. The proposed autonomous and wireless VSN nodes are miniaturised and powered by battery, making them ideally suited for monitoring training sessions and matches at any location. With the proposed framework, the player is tracked in(More)
This paper presents a novel structure learning algorithm for the creation of distributed Bayesian networks over static and mobile Vision Sensor Network (VSN) nodes. These compose an assistive, intelligent environment for activity recognition. We provide results demonstrating a higher level of accuracy in the recognition of fine motor tasks when the(More)
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