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BACKGROUND The importance of sleep is paramount to health. Insufficient sleep can reduce physical, emotional, and mental well-being and can lead to a multitude of health complications among people with chronic conditions. Physical activity and sleep are highly interrelated health behaviors. Our physical activity during the day (ie, awake time) influences(More)
The vast amount of health data generated and stored around the world each day offers significant opportunities for advances such as the real-time tracking of diseases, predicting disease outbreaks, and developing health care that is truly personalized. However, capturing, analyzing, and sharing health data is difficult, expensive, and controversial. This(More)
The concept of Negative Tuples (or delete tuples) has been adopted widely in data stream management systems to evaluate continuous sliding-window queries incrementally. The main idea is to produce a negative tuple for each expired tuple from the sliding window. Thus, various query operators can update their state based on the expired tuples. Negative tuples(More)
UNLABELLED Healthcare can be enhanced by the effective use of information technology to improve the quality and safety of care and many healthcare providers are adopting advanced health information technology to improve their healthcare delivery process. Qatar is a relatively young Middle Eastern country with an ambitious and progressive national strategy(More)
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