Ahmed El-Mekabaty

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4-(4-Oxo-4H-3,1-benzoxazin-2-yl)phenyl-4-methylbenzenesulfonate (2) was prepared and reacted with some primary aromatic amines, e.g., aniline, p-chloro aniline, p-methoxy aniline, p-amino benzoic acid and p-amino acetophenone. It reacted also with some heterocyclic amines, e.g., 2-aminothiazole, 2-aminobenzothiazole,(More)
An enantioselective S-mandelic acid (S-MA) imprinted chitosan (SMIC) was prepared by cross-linking of chitosan using formaldehyde cross-linker, in the presence of S-MA as an imprint template molecule and 0.5% acetic acid solution as a solvent. Non-imprinted cross-linked chitosan (NIC) as control was also prepared by the same procedure in absence of template(More)
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