Ahmed El-Barkouky

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The paper describes a novel algorithm, inspired by the phenomenon of wisdom of crowds, for solving instances of NP-hard problems. The proposed approach achieves superior performance compared to the genetic algorithm-based approach and requires modest computational resources. On average, a 6%–9% improvement in quality of solutions has been observed. main(More)
Face and eye detection algorithms are deployed in a wide variety of applications. Unfortunately, there has been no quantitative comparison of how these detectors perform un­ der difficult circumstances. We created a dataset of low light and long distance images which possess some of the problems encountered by face and eye detectors solving real world(More)
A non-invasive method for measuring blood flow rate in superficial veins from a single thermal image.A non-invasive method for measuring blood flow rate in superficial veins from a single thermal image." (2013). DEDICATION To my parents and my brothers, of whom I would not be here today without their continuous love, support, and always encouraging me to be(More)
Face detection and Facial feature extraction are considered among the most studied topics in the field of bio-metrics. In real-world uncontrolled scenarios, high rate of false alarm is still a major problem. This paper presents a solution to reduce false alarm rate resulting from any generic face detector, through a fast post-processing algorithm based on(More)
26 Fig. 1 An illustrative example of night problems. The left sequence shows a pedestrian crossing the street using thermal images. The right sequence shows the same scene using visible images where the pedestrian is very difficult to detect because of both t he glare from the headlights of oncoming traffic and the low light of the night scene.(More)
In this paper we propose an educational robotic system for teaching kids at nursery schools how to write and draw simple shapes. Our system uses the humanoid robot NAO to draw shapes appearing on a computer screen. The system uses light polarization property for fast detection of the screen despite of its content. We also propose a mapping from the image(More)
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