Ahmed El-Antably

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—This paper presents a position-sensorless vector torque controller designed to achieve maximum efficiency over a range of power and rotational speed for a synchronous reluctance machine. A model of the synchronous reluctance machine is presented which incorporates both winding and core losses. It is then shown that a stator-flux-oriented control scheme can(More)
It is shown that third harmonic current injection can produce higher shaft torque than conventional sinusoidal current regulation in five-phase synchronous reluctance machines with salient-pole rotors. This paper investigates the field oriented control (FOC) including the hysteresis-type PWM current regulator of such machines under flexible third harmonic(More)
Induction machines designed for inverterdriven variable speed systems is different from those powered directly from utility power lines. In this paper, the design strategies of inverter-driven induction machines are discussed. This is followed by a description of a computer aided design and analysis package specifically for this purpose. The program package(More)
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