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Pericytes are distinctive regulators of angiogenesis and are adumbrated to provide vessel stability and control of endothelial proliferation. The present article spotlights the persona of pericytes in physiological angiogenesis, recruitment of pericytes and different mechanisms of pericyte depletion. Developing retina appears particularly dependent on(More)
OBJECTIVE Embryonic movements (EM) and angiogenesis pathways are evolutionarily conserved mechanisms which are essential for proper embryonic development. Deviations in these processes by exposure to cigarette smoke condensate (CSC) may cause vascular and morphogenetic disorders. METHODS Using chicken and mouse embryos, we have demonstrated the in vivo(More)
In south Asian countries, a campaign has launched to promote CNG-powered four-stroke auto-rickshaws (CNFAR) to decrease emission load in the environment. Even though, CNFAR are considered environmentally safe, emissions of some other toxic chemicals would amplify, which may effect the development of growing fetus and may result in different growth defects.(More)
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