Ahmed E El Ansary

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Seven breakwaters were constructed behind offshore submerged ridges to create a safe area for swimming and recreational activities west of Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt. Morphodynamic evaluation was based on the modified Perlin and Dean numerical model (ImSedTran-2D) combined with successive shoreline and beach profile surveys conducted(More)
The activities of catalase (H2O2-oxidoreductase EC and glutathione reductase (EC as two important scavenger enzymes, were measured in tissue homogenates of Biomphalaria alexandrina and Bulinus truncatus, the snail vectors of Schistosomiasis. A parallel study was done on Lymnea truncatula snails which are not susceptible to Schistosoma(More)
Aspartate (AST) and alanine (ALT) aminotransferase together with lactate dehydrogenase (LD) from the tissue homogenate of the Biomphalaria alexandrina snails, were partially characterized by measuring the Michaelis constant (km) and the maximum velocity (Vmax). The isoenzymatic pattern of lactate dehydrogenase was investigated through polyacrylamide gel(More)
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