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Requirements engineering (RE), i.e., requirements elicitation, evaluation, specification, and design producing the functional and non-functional requirements, is one of the key disciplines in software engineering, as requirements-related errors are often a major cause of the delays in the product delivery and development costs overruns, cf. e.g., [13].
Internationalization of the higher education has created the so-called borderless university, which provides better opportunities for learning and increases the human and social sustainability. eLearning systems are a special kind of software systems, developed to provide a platform for accessible teaching and learning, including also online access to(More)
—This paper introduces a framework for software sustainability profiling. The goal of the framework is to analyse sustainability requirements for long-living software systems, fo-cusing on usability and readability of the sustainability profiles. To achieve this goal, we apply a quantitate approach such as fuzzy rating scale-based questionnaires to rank the(More)
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