Ahmed Cherif Mazari

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The work which will be presented in this paper is related to the building of an ontology of domain for the Arabic linguistics. We propose an approach of automatic construction that is using statistical techniques to extract elements of ontology from Arabic texts. Among these techniques we use two; the first is the " repeated segment " to identify the(More)
We present in this paper our project to building an ontology centered infrastructure for Arabic resources and applications. The core of this infrastructure is a linguistic ontology that is founded on Arabic Traditional Grammar. The methodology we have chosen consists in reusing an existing ontology, namely the Gold linguistic ontology. We discuss the(More)
The role of the teeth in chewing has been studied extensively; however, less attention has been paid to soft tissue function. In this study the process of mixing within the bolus and the contribution of the cheeks to this process were investigated using a test food constructed from two differently colored chewing gums. A cheek guard was placed into either(More)
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