Ahmed Bounekkar

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Hybrid Metaheuristics aim to incorporate and combine different metaheuristics with each other to enhance the search capabilities. It can improve both of intensification and diversification toward the preferred solutions and concentrates the search efforts to investigate the promising regions in the search space. In this paper, a comparative study was(More)
Résumé. Le choix d’une mesure de proximité entre objets a un impact direct sur les résultats de toute opération de classification, de comparaison, d’évaluation ou de structuration d’un ensemble d’objets. Pour un problème donné, l’utilisateur est amené à choisir une parmi les nombreuses mesures de proximité existantes. Or, selon la notion d’équivalence(More)
Handling Multiobjective Optimization Problems (MOOP) using Hybrid Metaheuristics represents a promising and interest area of research. In this paper, a Hybrid Evolutionary Metaheuristics (HEMH) is presented. It combines different metaheuristics integrated with each other to enhance the search capabilities. It improves both of intensification and(More)
Hybrid evolutionary algorithms have been successfully applied to solve numerous multiobjective optimization problems (MOP). In this paper, a new hybrid evolutionary approach based on search strategy adaptation (HESSA) is presented. In HESSA, the search process is carried out through adopting a pool of different search strategies, each of which has a(More)
In many application domains, the choice of a proximity measure affect directly the result of classification, comparison or the structuring of a set of objects. For any given problem, the user is obliged to choose one proximity measure between many existing ones. However, this choice depend on many characteristics. Indeed, according to the notion of(More)
C Napoli1, M Fabiani1, C Rizzo (caterina.rizzo@iss.it)1, M Barral2, J Oxford3, J M Cohen4, L Niddam5, P Goryński6, A Pistol7, C Lionis8, S Briand9, A Nicoll10, P Penttinen10, C Gauci11, A Bounekkar12, S Bonnevay12, A Beresniak13 1. Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Rome, Italy 2. Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, Biscay, Spain 3.(More)
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