Ahmed Bounaim

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INTRODUCTION Giant inguinoscrotal hernias are extremely rare nowadays, but they may still be encountered after years or even decades of neglect. Such hernias containing both bowel loops and urinary bladder have not been reported in the medical literature to date, to the best of our knowledge. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of a 65-year-old Moroccan(More)
STUDY AIM The aim of this retrospective study was to report on 12 cases of peritoneal hydatidosis observed in the same hospital from 1989 to 1998. PATIENTS AND METHODS Four men and 8 women (mean age: 37 years) were included in the study. Four of them had been operated on for liver hydatidosis, 3 to 9 years before. The peritoneal hydatidosis was(More)
CONTEXT Pancreatic tumors in the midportion have traditionally been treated by an extended right or left pancreatectomy. A medial or central pancreatectomy is an alternative technique for benign or low-grade malignant neoplasms located to the left of the gastroduodenal artery and close to the splenomesenteric confluence. CASE REPORT A 38-year-old woman(More)
Primary hepatic lymphoma (PHL) is confined to the liver with no evidence of lymphomatous involvement in other lymphoid structures. It is a very rare malignancy representing less than 1 % of all extra nodal lymphomas. The exact cause of PHL is unknown, but it seems that there is a strong association between hepatitis C virus (HCV) and PHL. The majority of(More)
id not observe any significant decrease in BMI, ALT levels r changes in histological parameters in spite of weight loss. Indeed, in our study, the number of patients was lower han planned probably because of inclusion criteria. We xcluded patients with diabetes usually associated with evere NASH. However, the difference in terms of resonse to therapy could(More)
INTRODUCTION Fournier's gangrene is a rapidly progressing necrotizing fasciitis of the perineum and genital area associated with a high mortality rate. We presented our experience in managing this entity and identified prognostic factors affecting mortality. METHODS We carried out a retrospective study of 72 patients treated for Fournier's gangrene at our(More)
Hibernomas are rare benign tumours originating from the brown fat found in the foetus and animals that hibernate. In most cases they present as a slowly growing painful mass situated in those regions where this type of fat persists in the adult. We report a case of hibernoma of the forearm, which is an unusual localization, and we review the diagnostic and(More)
INTRODUCTION A left paraduodenal hernia is a rare congenital malrotational anomaly of the midgut that occurs in the paraduodenal fossa of Landzert to the left of the fourth duodenum. It is responsible for approximately 1% of small bowel obstructions. CASE PRESENTATION We report a case of left paraduodenal hernia combined with small bowel obstruction in a(More)