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Spatial and temporal temperature variations exist in a compost pile. This study demonstrates that systematic temperature sampling of a compost pile, as is widely done, tends to underestimate these variations, which in turn may lead to false conclusions about the sanitary condition of the final product. To address these variations, a proper scheme of(More)
When using the one-centre two-range expansion method to evaluate multicentre integrals over Slater type orbitals (STOs), it may become necessary to compute numerical values of the corresponding Fourier coefficients, also known as Barnett–Coulson/Löwdin Functions (BCLFs) (Bouferguene and Jones 1998 J. Chem. Phys. 109 5718). To carry out this task, it is(More)
In a previous work, a new Gauss quadrature was introduced with a view to evaluate multicenter integrals over Slater-type functions efficiently. The complexity analysis of the new approach, carried out using the three-center nuclear integral as a case study, has shown that for low-order polynomials its efficiency is comparable to the SD. The latter was(More)
A 3D model allows users to visualize the construction process during a given period of the schedule. This paper presents a methodology to aid practitioners in preparing lift studies with crane selection, positioning, and lift optimization using a 3D space. The 3D visualization helps to identify collision free paths and optimize lifting activities based on(More)
Modular construction has been a widely used method for industrial construction in Alberta. Heavy piperack modules are prefabricated and assembled offsite and transported to site for installation, which minimizes the impact of Alberta's harsh weather and improves efficiency. Such projects are large in scale, ranging from hundreds of modules to thousands;(More)
Mobile cranes are used to lift heavy modules in industrial projects. These heavy modules are often prefabricated and each project consists of a large number of lifts (e.g., a typical industrial project may have between 150 and 1000 modules to be lifted). To ensure the safety and efficiency of these lifting activities, crane motion planning is needed.(More)
Bolstered by significant productivity improvement in manufacturing technology, the construction paradigm has shifted toward industrialized construction methods, such as modular construction. Modular construction has benefitted from the long term development of the manufacturing technologies and core techniques used in the assembly production lines of(More)
Internet Electronic Conference of Molecular Design 2003, November 23 – December 6 Abstract Motivation. Multi-center integrals are certainly the building blocks of quantum chemistry packages ranging from semi-empirical to the so-called ab-initio. The efficiency (accuracy and speed) of the numerical methods used for the computation of such integrals is(More)
In the framework of the Fourier integral transform, complicated multicenter integrals, e.g., three-center nuclear attraction and exchange integrals, over B functions involve a multiple integral (double or triple), the innermost of which is a Hankel transform of an exponentially decreasing term. Because of the oscillatory nature of the Hankel transform and(More)